Many people have heard the word relaxation. But what does it mean? Just relaxation, idleness? What is it for, and how should it be done? Does it require special equipment or some devices? Or can you relax on your own, just by choice?

Relaxation is the complete relaxation of the body by reducing the tone of muscles. Relaxation should not be confused with ordinary relaxation, when a person simply does nothing. To succeed, you must not only learn how to work, but also to fully recover. This is where relaxation helps.

Relaxation is really a great way to improve human performance, relieve stress. Not without reason, relaxation has been actively practiced by ancient sages, allowing them to achieve good results, both physically and intellectually. It is widely used in yoga and other health-improving systems.

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular today. And if once this was expressed mostly in outdoor activities and training in various sports clubs and sections, today this is complemented by visits to the so-called SPA-procedures. Lately not only numerous SPA-salons, but also entire...
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Meditation has long since evolved from a high moral aspect of Eastern culture into a convenient and practical activity available to everyone. It is necessary for absolutely all people. Meditation is the observation of oneself and one’s thoughts. It’s a conscious experience of them, the...
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What is yoga? The word yoga comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, the word “yuj,” which means to add, connect, or master. Adding energy, strength and beauty to the mind, body and soul. “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” – no, this is not a shorthand, as one might...
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