For a person, rest is, first and foremost, the recovery of lost supplies. It is not a change of activity or switching from one thing to another. It is the absence of the activity that led to fatigue. Fatigue is the exhaustion of mental, physical or mental resources.

It is only at a stretch to call time in social networks a rest for a person who is already chained all day to the computer monitor and phone display. So the first and most important requirement is the diversity of the pastime and dilution of the usual routine.

During the day, the brain spends hours processing incoming information and conversations. If it is not allowed to relax, the mood, performance and health will deteriorate. That’s why mental rest is so necessary – periods when a person doesn’t concentrate and interact with the outside world, but lets his or her thoughts wander in the clouds. 

Winter Rest
Winter is a time when people want to stay home, be with loved ones, and eat good food. It is a time of calm, reflection, and planning. Winter is also a time of relaxation: children’s vacations and post-Christmas vacations. If you don’t have anything to do in the winter, these ideas will...
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